Price Guide Review - 2022

With headline and real inflation running between 9 - 12%, at NWBD as part of our due diligence in reflecting the true costs of providing a sustainable "Breakdown and Recovery Industry" our price guide has been updated. In the last few months there have been unprecidented increases in all related costs to operators, which are now reflected in the price guide. Thank You.

Last updated: September 15th 2022 By Mark Duncan

Fuel and Energy Costs

As we have moved into 2022, one of the biggest challenges along with driver shortages and changes to EU regulations has to be the unprecedented and unforeseen, rise in fuel and energy costs. These costs seem to be driven by, companies trying to redress their CoVid 19 losses and the windfall tax burden. With the Government getting their fair, if I can say that, share. As we transition this year it will be around August/September when these rises fully begin to impact Goods and Services to the public, who will have to pay the price. The days of "Free Miles" are near to an end!!

Last updated: June 24th 2022 By Mark Duncan

2022 - Challenges and Change

As we move from Christmas 2021 to the New Year 2022, there will be a lot of challenges.

For the Breakdown and Recovery Industry, the biggest challenge will be to change, and make real lasting changes. In 2021, some companies drew a line in the sand and others, unfortunately closed… So what about 2022.

At “NWBD” we would like to openly promote direct access to the service, where every “Job” has to pay to achieve a viable and sustainable Industry. We need to take the good things from the past, and move forward into the Future. Thank You and a Happy New Year.

Last updated: January 4th 2022 By Mark Duncan

Price Guide Review - 2021

Due to the unprecedented conditions within the Breakdown and Recovery Industry, with increasing Insurance Costs, Fuel Costs, Wages and ongoing CoVid 19 requirements. Nationwide Breakdown have decided that "Free Miles" are no longer sustainable, therefore we have amended the "Price Guide". Thank You.

Last updated: November 26th 2021 By Mark Duncan

Cop 26 - Talk 26

In the past few months there has been a lot of rhetoric regarding the "HGV Driver Shortages" and the problems that it will produce in the future. The Logistics Industry and the Press have been telling the Government for years, and years of this impending problem with no real long term sustainable solutions coming forward.

As COP 26, the Global Conference on Climate Change, closed there had been little mention in the news of the Logistics Industry, considering it has one of the largest man-made CO2 footprints, and Everyone, Everywhere uses it!

As a company there are many unique functions within the Nationwide Breakdown website which could easily be adapted to serve the Logistics Industry and we will be looking at taking forward a new way of working to reduce those empty road mile to bring real reductions to their environmental footprint.

Last updated: November 22nd 2021 By Mark Duncan

Price Guide

In line with standard operating practice we have done our annual pricing review.. There has been a slight increase in Operator costs due to Brexit/CoVid19/Sanitizing and the rise in the RPI, this has been calculated into the "Price Guide". Thank You.

Last updated: May 17th 2021 By Mark Duncan

New Service

The newly upgraded Nationwide Breakdown 24/7 mobile "App" is coming soon to the Android and IOS platforms along with an upgraded website which will be easier to use. There are many new functions especially to help with "Empty Road Miles" through our B2B portal which will help provide a more Efficient and Greener Industry.

NWBD Team.

Last updated: November 3rd 2020 By Mark Duncan

Price Guide

In line with standard operating practice we have done our annual review of the "Price Guide". With the increases in the National Minimum Wage, NI, Pensions Contributions, etc..  it was decided to put up the Service Call Out Rate by £5.00 as a result of a combination of increased business expenses.  The price of fuel has remained relativley static over the past year, although it is still to high compared with the price of a Barrel of Oil. We also await the "Brexit" impact and will address this as it comes.

Last updated: September 19th 2019 By Mark Duncan